Using advice from a professional and qualified Nutritional Therapist we have produced a menu that is low in salt and sugar and provides a balanced diet to the children in our care, using fruit and vegetables from our own nursery vegetable patches where possible.

We understand that due to food allergies your children may have a restricted diet and in most cases after a consultation with the Nursery Manager it can be catered for. By cooking mainly from fresh pure ingredients, we can ensure that additives and allergens are strictly controlled.

But most importantly, meals at Longacre and Broughton are sociable, fun, and stimulating occasions - staff join with children to eat and to talk, to encourage sociable table manners and to encourage children to sample those new tastes and flavours.


As part of our communication with parents you can access copies of all our policy documentation from the individual nursery managers please speak to them directly.

Extreme Weather Conditions 

We would like to bring to your attention our Action Plan that is drawn up in the instance of any Extreme Weather Conditions that may affect the Nursery over the winter months.  

We will make every effort to ensure that this information is kept up to date at all times.

In the event of having to close a setting due to severe weather, we will always aim for Company Personnel to be on hand at each of the settings until 10am on the day of closure to answer telephone calls. We request that you would make such calls from 8am onwards in order to allow us enough time to adequately assess the situation. Should this not be possible and you have been unable to access a response from the setting please call Joy Hobbs, Operations Manager, on 07799130036. However, bear in mind it is likely that we will be receiving a high volume of calls at this time.

The Nursery’s plan is for all staff to inform their Manager by 7am in order for the staffing requirements to be assessed, prior to the Manager arriving at the Nursery. Once the Manager has arrived at the Nursery she and her deputy will contact all parents, letting them know any information regarding the Nursery’s decision to open.

Should extreme weather conditions set in during the day that would mean it would be hazardous for the Nursery to remain open, the Manager or her Deputy will telephone you to inform you of the early closure and you will then be asked to make arrangements to collect your child.   Families with children attending for the afternoon session will be informed of the Nursery’s early closure.

It is important that the Nursery has up to date contact numbers for both parents who can definitely be contacted during the day.  Could we also ask that you put in place contingency plans for the early collection of your child should you not be able to collect your child yourself.

Should you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to speak to the Nursery Manager. Please be re-assured that we will do all that we can to continue to provide our service but our priority is always for the safety of the children, their parents and our staff.

Please remember to take care when using the car parks at each of the Nurseries; we will always do our best to ensure they have been gritted prior to your arrival and departure.

Please refer to our website homepage ( in order to ascertain whether or not the Nursery is able to open.

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